Official opening of our first company-owned biogas plant in Romania


Official opening of our first company-owned biogas plant in Romania

  • Opening ceremony for the first Biogest biogas plant in Romania run by our Own Plant Operations business unit for biogas facilities

Vienna/Ardud/Satu Mare (Romania) – The first Biogest company-owned biogas plant in Romania was officially opened at a ceremony attended by various leading figures in politics, business and the media.

Located in the county of Satu Mare in north-western Romania, the biogas plant has a capacity of 1.5 MW. The electricity generated by the biogas facility is fed into the grid and can thus supply around 4,500 households. Heat from the plant is used for an existing grain dryer and a fish farm.

The project was funded with the support of Erste Group Bank AG’s Romanian subsidiary, BCR, which has considerable experience in financing projects in the area of renewable energies.

In addition to Biogest, the local company Schwab Agroprod srl which ranks among the largest producers in the region is also an agricultural partner and shareholder in the biogas plant. Schwab farms 3,000 ha of agricultural land and operates one of the largest grain dryers in Transylvania with a storage capacity of 35,000 t and a drying capacity of 800 t fresh mass/day.

Built using our tried-and-tested Biogest PowerRing technology, the biogas plant features the benefits of energy efficiency and reliability while also saving space with its modular design. For the first time the plant in Ardud will not only use energy crops, but also agricultural by-products such as maize straw on a large scale. R&D activities at Biogest focus on exploring the potential for using alternative raw materials with the aim of reducing substrate costs and creating the perfect symbiosis between food production and power generation. Using perennial wild plants as a substrate will also be tested in Ardud, turning the site into a pilot plant for the whole region.

Given the general economic situation and considerable agricultural resources available, Romania is a worthwhile location for investments in renewable energy from biogas. This first Biogest biogas plant in Romania is therefore not only an attractive investment for us, but also sends a positive signal for a number of our customers’ projects.

Following the plant in the Czech Republic that went into operation in 2012, Ardud is the second biogas facility in the OPO business unit to be built by Biogest. In this business unit we at Biogest develop, build and operate biogas plants in which we hold a majority shareholding and are planning to expand our portfolio of biogas facilities across Europe in the medium term.

Biogest is a European-wide biogas plant manufacturer and operator with its headquarters in Austria and subsidiaries in the UK, Italy, Romania, Serbia and the Czech Republic. More than 120 biogas plant projects generating electricity or biomethane have been completed to date. Our reference plants are located in several European countries and the global market is served by licenced partners.

As a renewable source of energy, biogas offers technological, ecological and economic advantages: energy can be generated 365 days a year, at all times of the day and night, and therefore biogas plays an important role in the mix of renewable energy from water, sun and wind. In addition to helping achieve climate protection goals, biogas also helps reduce reliance on energy imports. Decentralised energy generation also guarantees sustainable local development.

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Biogas Plant Ardud
Biogas Plant Ardud
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