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Our biomethane and biogas engineering operations extend along the entire value chain, from project development, design engineering, co-investment, turnkey construction, to operation and technical & biological services.

Project Development

BIOGEST supports its customers’ rights from the beginning. We start with our detailed project checklist that acts as the base for a technological concept considering our modular product range that is tailor-made for the needs of our customers. Aside from technological parameters such as capacity, raw materials, location and heat use, it is important that the plant complies with local codes and regulations. The plants themselves are built using standard product modules which are then customized to meet the specific requirements our customers have.

After determining the ideal technical parameters, we create a cost-benefit analysis for the plant. Our detailed quote includes the necessary investments, the plant's expected technical parameters, and its forecasted returns. Once contracted, the technical project begins. This is when we start pulling all needed permits from the relevant authorities and, where applicable, co-invest.

When all permits are granted, we go into detailed planning. We believe it’s mission-critical to have the technical documentation completed diligently before we can start with the installation.



A biomethane or biogas plant is installed in 3 stages: (1) technical equipment, (2) measurement, and (3) control technology. The civil engineering may be performed by either a local contractor or by BIOGEST as the general contractor according to the preference of the customer.

BIOGEST supplies all of the technical equipment and measurement/control technology. Furthermore, we employ our own Project and Site Managers to oversee the construction phase. The project is concluded after commissioning test operations and a successful performance test. Turnkey plants generally require around twelve months from the start of construction.


Operation and Service

The start-up phase/ hot commissioning begins once plant construction is complete and the digesters are filled and heated up. Then the optimum quantity and quality of substrate is fed into the digester. Once gas starts to form, the co-generation unit or gas upgrading facility will begin operation. BIOGEST can commission the plant itself or use the support of trained local partners.

We offer technical and biological services and support after the plant is up and running. Our after-sales service includes process monitoring, feedstock monitoring, and maintenance of the equipment. BIOGEST is also happy to provide support in managing and optimizing feedstock or handling the regular servicing of all plant components in accordance with manufacturer specifications.


Are you interested in operating a BIOGEST biomethane or biogas plant? Please contact the Sales Manager responsible for your area by email. Once received, we will get in touch with you promptly.

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Own Plant Operation (OPO)

We believe in our technology and its long term benefits, which segways to our other business, Own Plant Operations (OPO). We do not only build and operate facilities but also act as active shareholders and ensure efficient project development in partnership with local businesses.

Our aim is to establish long-term project partnerships which guarantee all parties with benefits from the significant potential currently available in our target markets. Thus we leverage existing processes and can share an additional and stable revenue stream with our partners. BIOGEST constructs and operates biogas plants in which it also acts as a shareholder. Our partners are largely feedstock suppliers out of the agriculture industry. 




OPO Strategy and Objectives

  • Participation in attractive biomethane and biogas projects
  • Win-win situation for all partners
  • Reference plants in key markets
  • BIOGEST's comprehensive know-how in planning, construction and plant operation
  • Financial independence from fluctuating engineering business
  • Continuous foreseen incomes on a long term feed-in tariff
  • Opportunity to further develop the BIOGEST technology


Both the need and the opportunity for self-operation of biomethane and biogas plants are of great importance, and therefore offer attractive investments and market opportunities.

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