About us


Our employees are key for our success.

Our international team of highly motivated and educated employees own a direct stake in the success of our business. We provide onsite customer support in the client’s local language. Our employees are provided a range of opportunities for continuous professional development designed to maintain our technological leadership and knowledge in this rapidly evolving industry. We currently employ a staff of 80+ employees from 10+ different countries. Let us do the work! 

Martin Schlerka (CEO), Managing Partner:

Sales / Marketing / Project Management / Research & Development / Accounting & Finance / PR & IR

Martin Schlerka joined BIOGEST in 1998 and since 1999 he has acted as CEO. After graduating with an Environmental Engineering degree at Vienna University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences (BOKU), Martin worked for several consulting engineering firms and is an experienced leader, manager and engineer with hands on mentality. By bringing to life over 190+ green gas projects in his role, he definitely understands client needs and expectations first hand. He knows what you want before you know it. With his strong international mindset he makes sure that our visions become realities. He is married and has 3 kids. 

Gerald Bartl-Fauler (CTO), Managing Partner:

Design Engineering / Purchasing / Production / Human Resources / Quality Management and Documentation

Gerald Bartl-Fauler is BIOGEST's CTO and has been managing the company since 2007. After joining BIOGEST in 1997, he was responsible for handling international biogas and wastewater projects. Gerald has a degree in Environmental Engineering from Vienna University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences (BOKU). By taking advantage of his analytical complex thinking and acting, unique biogas and biomethane projects have been designed. "The devil is in the details" is his philosophy and daily motivation. His precision and attention in the service of clients and cause are his trademark. Gerald's social competence in team building and team leadership towards a shared goal is key for success. He is married and has one kid.

Martin Hornhuber (COO), Managing Partner:

Legal / Commissioning / After Sales Service / Own Plant Operation (OPO)

Martin Hornhuber joined BIOGEST in 2005, since 2015 he is the company’s COO. He sees the big picture and understands the small detail. This is the reason why having him on board of your project will create trust and make you quickly believe in the profitability of your investment. Martin delivers what he promises and is responsible for creating satisfying long-term customer relationships by providing you with after-sales support and beyond. Since he is known for his principles of good communication he will help you focus your thoughts for making the right decision. He is married and has 2 kids. 

Local Management US

Gregor Vogrin

CFO BIOGEST America Inc. 

Local Management France

Daniel Bauer

Managing Director BIOGEST France s.a.r.l.

Local Management Czech

Veronika Zacharova

Managing Director BIOGEST Energie a Vodni Technologie s.r.o.

Local Management Serbia

Ella Polak