For Investors


Are you interested in ecological investments? Investments often bring profit but lack in sustainability. We offer investors projects that can grant both. With our expertise, secure and sustainable investments go hand in hand.

Due to our partners’ agricultural know-how and our own extensive experience, BIOGEST’s projects promise a combination of operating expertise, outstanding efficiency, and an attractive return on investments.

Old ways won’t open new doors.

Benefits for Investors

As a renewable source of energy, biomethane and biogas offer technological, ecological, and economic benefits!

  • Energy can be generated 365 days a year, at all times of the day and night.
  • Biomethane/ biogas plays an important role in the mix of renewable energy from water, sun and wind.
  • In addition to helping achieve climate protection goals, it also helps reduce reliance on energy imports.
  • Decentralized energy generation also guarantees sustainable local development.
  • Low risk on your investment as proven by our many success stories.
  • Investment that is ecologically sustainable. 


In collaboration with BIOGEST you will make the right investment decision. We have multiple international biomethane and biogas experts, who have the know-how and skills.


How can you benefit and thrive?

  • High performance of up to 95% on existing references over years.
  • Biomethane/ biogas know-how for years- no headaches from studying a new science.
  • Making decisions together by profiting from each other’s experience.
  • High profitability based on proven parameters. 
  • Guarantees and risk sharing.



And if that´s not enough – you'll also improve worldwide waste management.


Be the change and make a difference!

Your equity partner in biomethane projects.


In addition to solution-oriented services, BIOGEST can offer financial solutions to co-invest, alongside the project owner, in biomethane projects.


As such, BIOGEST can participate in your project at various stages of maturity:

  • At the development stage, if your project is in an advanced stage in terms of permitting & identification of feedstocks: BIOGEST helps you finalize the industrial design of your project and participates in the debt raising process.


  • Additionally, BIOGEST will participate at the “ready to build” stage, when the project is fully permitted and BIOGEST is selected as an EPC contractor.


What benefits will you gain with BIOGEST as an investor in your project?

  • BIOGEST will bring its expertise and knowledge throughout the lifetime of your project.

  • Having BIOGEST as a co-investor creates an alignment of interest through the role it plays as an EPC contractor, or O&M provider.


  • Having BIOGEST as a co-investor facilitates the debt raising process, which gives more financial robustness to your project from a financial and a technical point of view.



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