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We establish long-lasting Customer Relationships.

BIOGEST recognizes the significant impact of ongoing operation and maintenance on the performance of your plant. For this reason, we not only offer tailored service and maintenance agreements where our highly experienced technicians will visit your plant to perform after-sales services, but we also offer you access to our eShop.


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Technical and Biological Service

We continue to provide support even after the construction and commissioning of your plant is complete, helping you achieve excellent performance over the long-term. 

Our service hotline is there for you, 24/7, 7 days a week.

Our professional and experienced service team understands the importance of safe commissioning, regular servicing, and plant maintenance when operating biomethane or biogas plants. Thanks to our clever replacement part logistics, including service vehicles, our service personnel can ensure that your biogas plant is always up and running. This optimizes availability and minimizes downtimes.

You can count on us. 

BIOGEST’s biological service team provides support during commissioning and subsequent biomethane or biogas plant operations. We also continually monitor the biological processes that are occurring by ringing into the biogas plant's central server on a daily basis in order to record performance. Our service package also includes regular plant inspections by our specialists, and training for customers on how to operate their biomethane and biogas plants. 


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The eShop is our online platform where you will find all standard wear and tear parts needed for your daily operation – they are only a click away! Parts, which are tailored and special for your plant, will be ordered with our help. Due to our sophisticated delivery systems we can ensure that the parts will be on site without delay.

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bioservice App

Our bioservice app allows you to have a constant remote overview of your sample analysis taken from your biogas plant and its evaluation on your mobile device or computer. How does it work? In a very simple way! Take out a sample, in accordance with our guidelines, and send it to our partner lab. The sample will be analyzed ASAP and the results will be recorded in the bioservice app where you also find a list of default samples and their evaluations. In addition, you will be able to export your own results. Awesome!

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