For Farmers


Because waste management is essential and expensive, our efficient solutions help you by increasing your income and allowing you to produce your own organic fertilizer at the same time. 

Let’s find out together how your farm can generate additional profits!

Benefits for Farmers

With a biomethane or biogas plant system on your farm, you will enjoy many benefits at once. Make use of waste that can otherwise be a nuisance.

  • Improvement of existing waste management

  • Methane capture from animal waste

  • Closed nutrient cycle by putting the digestate back on the fields

  • Clean environment through efficient processing of waste

  • Helpful to the environment as a whole

  • Save money on mineral fertilizer by producing your own organic fertilizer

  • Odor reduction

  • Energy from biomethane/ biogas can be generated 365 days a year regardless of the weather

  • Reduction of reliance on energy imports

  • Diversification of farm income/ additional revenue stream with existing resources

  • Fixed long-term tariff for electricity or biomethane from the state

  • Renewable gas generation for usage:

    • RNG: renewable transportation fuel

    • Generating renewable electricity

    • Generating renewable heat

    • Biomethane for home



With BIOGEST as your project partner, you will quickly gain trust in green energy and see how easy it is to find profitable solutions, even if you were not previously an expert in the field! We maintain close relationships with our customers and our highly qualified employees take care of your needs by accompanying you throughout the project and providing after-sales support as well.

How can you benefit and thrive?

  • High full load hours averaging 95%
  • Know-how for more than 2 decades
  • Guidance for taking decisions
  • Short payback period



And if that´s not enough – you also improve worldwide waste management!


Interview with Michael Eavis – PowerCompact for Worthy Farm


During the project process of Worthy Farm, BIOGEST interviewed Michael Eavis, the Founder and Manager of the Glastonbury Festival, who encourages green energy use and highlights the importance of the biogas and biomethane business sector.


How did you find out about the company BIOGEST?

Micheal Eavis: We have a dairy farm of 1,000 heads which produces lots and lots of slurry. We also have the Glastonbury Festival on the farm which I’ve been running for 50 years. I was very keen to convert the slurry into electricity and having seen a similar set-up on a farm a few miles away, I decided to follow that particular design.


Which reasons did you have for choosing BIOGEST as a technology supplier?

Micheal Eavis: First of all, we were impressed by the local reference plant we saw, which had already been in operation for more than 4 years, with a performance of more than 90%. I also liked that BIOGEST has an office in the UK and is able to provide fast support in case of a problem.


What impacts on the environment does the biogas plant have from your point of view?

Micheal Eavis: The major benefit for us is the processing of the slurry, as it will be degraded and become a fertilizer which we can spray on our fields. Of course, the electricity production also has a positive impact, as we are producing renewable energy to use and export to the grid.


How would you describe the profitability of the investment in a biogas plant?

Micheal Eavis: The profitability of the biogas plant is definitely a bonus, however, our main goal was to make the farm greener.