Research & Development

As a result of ongoing research and development, we are constantly improving our portfolio of products and services, enabling us to provide our clients with up-to-date solutions in an industry that changes rapidly.

BIOGEST conducts an above-average amount of research on new raw materials/feedstock for biomethane and biogas production to develop technologies that are able to optimally utilize them. Our goal is to offer our clients the option to use already available feedstock for sufficient green energy production without causing additional waste management costs. Furthermore, we also focus on offering solutions for certain markets which lack sustainable processing technologies for various organic waste materials or by-products. BIOGEST recognizes the need for innovation and is therefore focusing on contributing to the greater good of our planet. 

Our R&D projects

Our innovative and pioneering green gas solutions open a whole new world to embrace renewable energy technology. Check out what's new!

Municipal Solid Waste

Transformation of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) into biogas and fertilizer.

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Olive Oil Residues

Transformation of olive oil mill residues into biogas and fertilizer.

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