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Agroplus, RS

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This plant is mainly fed by maize and triticale silage from the farmers own fields and by cattle manure from the owners’ dairy farm in which the plant is located. The dry matter of the manure lies between 17 - 25% and contains significant amounts of stover.

Agroplus biogas plant was built by the first privatized agricultural company in Serbia. This company, even after 3 years of operation, is constantly working on improving their farm and the anaerobic digestion business. This is why they recently installed a solar plant to cover the entire electricity demand of the biogas plant. Also, they are thinking about an extension of their biogas plant due to its good profitability.

Agroplus Biogas Plant

  • 1 MW (70,802 MMBTU/year)
  • Maize silage (30t/day)
  • Triticale silage (12t/day)
  • Solid cattle manure (15t/day)

Project Timeline

  • October, 2017: Start of earth works
  • 8 months of construction time
  • September, 2018: First gas production
  • November, 2018: CHP start

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