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Methaboue, FR

Wastewater pilot plant for research

A major wastewater treatment company has commissioned the pilot plant to research the process of optimal digestion of dewatered wastewater sludge. The plant comprises a 20 m³ fermenter with a premixing tank and a simple solid feeding system. The mission of the water solutions company is to give water the value it deserves. Besides the pretreatment and supplying water of a responsible quality, the company also wants to invest in saving water and preserving the world’s most precious resource.

Digesting wastewater sludge gives wastewater a purpose by producing green energy - a great way to give a meaningful benefit to wastewater. This closes the water cycle and is another asset in a long value chain. Essentially, using industrial waste is a viable way to create a circular economy and make a change.

Methaboue Pilot Plant

  • 20 m³ fermenter
  • Dewatered wastewater sludge as feedstock
  • Supplied by a wastewater treatment plant
  • Used for research purposes

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