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Congrier, FR

Short supply routes, big impact

With an output of 140 Nm3/h, the PowerRing plant provides biomethane for the local distribution gas network. The opening of the gas injection valve was celebrated with all project participants at the bio360 expo 2023 in Nantes with a live broadcast. The feedstock consisting of over 32,000 tons of cattle and horse manure and slurry per year is supplied by 9 farms with an average distance of 5 km to the plant.

The short supply routes help to keep the impact on the environment low and make the biomethane plant particularly easy to operate. In addition, the 100% agricultural waste feedstock allows for well-thought-out waste management. The farmers can put their waste to good use while producing organic fertilizer - a win-win situation.


Congrier Biomethane Plant

  • 140 Nm3/h (41,857 MMBTU/year)
  • Over 32,000 tons of cattle, horse manure, and slurry are processed per year
  • Supplied by 9 Farms
  • Providing green gas for France’s gas grid

Project Timeline

  • September 2021: Start of earthworks
  • 15 months of construction
  • February 2023: First gas production
  • March 2023: Start of Proof of Performance

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