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Wittersheim, FR

Biomethane for France

This plant is mainly fed by various types of manure like cattle, chicken, horse, and goat manure as well as intermediate crops. Thanks to the efficient mixing of the PowerRing technology, the Wittersheim biogas plant is able to process up to 4.2 tons of maize straw per year, thus improving rentability through the use of this low-cost substrate, independent of market price fluctuations.

The overall design of the plant gives the client the best flexibility concerning types of usable substrate as well as potential production increase in the future.

Wittersheim Biomethane Plant

  • 250 Nm³/h with a possible extension to 380 Nm³/h of biomethane (113,611 MMBTU/year)
  • 36,000t/year of feedstock
  • Supplied by a group of Farmers (ABH)
  • Biomethane is fed into the local distribution gas network

Project Timeline

  • March, 2019: Start of earth works
  • 14 months of construction time
  • August, 2020: First gas production
  • September, 2020: GUU start

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