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Loue, FR

Towards a greener future in the Sarthe region

The Loue biomethane plant is one of the first in the Sarthe region, France. The plant processes 25,000 tons of cattle, chicken manure, and slurry annually, supplied by 14 local farms. The solid digestate is composted, and the liquid phase is pasteurized - recycling 84% of the substrate as agricultural fertilizer. The Loue plant enriches France’s gas grid with an output of 135 Nm3/h biomethane. What does that mean?

The produced energy is enough to provide gas for 2,000 households or power a fleet of 47 buses – making a difference! In September 2023, the Loue plant was inaugurated and opened its doors to the public, offering an up-close look at the fascinating world of local gas production. The plant serves as a model for sustainable energy solutions, embodying the collaboration of local farms and forward-thinking environmental initiatives in achieving a greener, more sustainable energy future.

Loue Biomethane Plant

  • 135 Nm3/h (40,362 MMBTU/year)
  • Over 25,000 tons of cattle, chicken manure, and slurry are processed per year
  • Supplied by 14 farms
  • Providing green gas for France’s gas grid

Project Timeline

  • September 2021: Start of earthworks
  • 12 months of construction
  • November 2022: First gas production

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