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Hisar, IN

Biogas R&D pioneers at Haryana Agricultural University 

This plant is mainly fed by slurry, manure, some paddy straw, and grass silage. Intra-university agricultural land and dairy farms supply the substrates, meaning transport emissions could be saved.

The generated electricity and heat from the biogas plant is used for the local demand of the university campus. The agricultural waste is transformed during the production process into high quality organic fertilizer.

Due to our effective pre-treatment, the solid feeding system outside, and the optimized mixing technology inside, our BIOGEST PowerCompact represents the perfect solution for slurry/manure/grass and paddy straw for small farms. Especially for farms with liquid slurry, it is possible to mix it with grass silage as well to boost the biogas production.

With the PowerCompact technology you can save valuable time and construction costs because the heating system and the control room are all housed in the technology container.


Hisar Biogas Plant

  • 100 kWel (7,080 MMBTU/year) with option of Bio-CNG production
  • Used for R&D purpose in university lab
  • Electricity supplies the university campus and is fed into the national grid
  • Intra-university agricultural land and dairy farms are supplying the substrates 

Project timeline

  • September, 2018: Start of earth works

  • 5 months of construction time

  • December, 2019: Cold commissioning

  • March, 2020: First biogas production

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