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Oak Valley, US

Living the American dream

The Oak Valley biomethane plant is a farmer owned and operated facility located in Burley, Idaho. A conglomerate of two separate dairies, each with their own operating system, is combining to form one gas-upgrading unit to inject biomethane into the interstate natural gas pipeline, where the gas molecules are available for purchase through California’s LCFS market.

As Biogest’s first installation in the United States, the facility is a great example of how Biogest America custom-tailors our technology to suit our clients supply and needs. Beginning as a 2-tank facility, over the course of construction, 2 additional tanks were requested and implemented, without delay, into the final facility layout. 

Oak Valley Biomethane (RNG) Plant

  • Over 295,000 metric tons of cattle slurry are processed per year
  • Cattle slurry is provided by two farms owned by Oak Valley Dairy
  • Producing 173,000 MMBTU/year
  • Providing fuel for the California Natural Gas Transportation industry

Project Timeline

  • October, 2020: Break ground
  • 6 months of construction 
  • August, 2021: First gas production
  • 2021: Plant extension

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