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Zelarino, IT

Italian flagship project

This plant is mainly fed by manure from the farm in which the plant is located. The dry matter of the manure lies between 17 - 25% and contains significant amounts of straw.

Thanks to the feeding technology implemented, the feedstock is finely crushed, enhancing its digestibility and allowing an easier and more efficient agitation of the substrate inside the single process fermenter of the plant. In this way, the plant is able to generate around 3,000 tons/year of solid digestate that can be used as a rich soil improver, and around 11,000 m3 of liquid digestate, rich of nitrogen and other nutrients, that can be used as fertilizer to spread on the fields.

Zelarino Biogas Plant

  • 298 kW (21,241 MMBTU/year)
  • Yearly energy production 2,500 MWh/a
  • Power around 100 households simultaneously
  • PowerSPF technology

Project Timeline

  • May, 2019: Start of earth works
  • 7 months of construction time
  • December, 2019: Start of gas production
  • January, 2020: CHP start

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