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Metha des Bosquets, FR

A Model for Rural Ecological Transition

In France’s Seine-Maritime region, the Metha des Bosquets biomethane plant processes 26,000 tons of agricultural by-products annually. 75% of the feedstock is supplied by 11 local farms committed to responding to environmental and economic challenges in their region. Generating 140 Nm3/h, injected into France’s distribution gas grid, the plant contributes to the territory’s energy independence and corresponds to the equivalent of the average gas consumption of 800 homes.

Additionally, the produced organic fertilizer helps to reduce expenses and the use of imported synthetic fertilizers. This makes the Métha des Bosquets plant part of a rural ecological transition process to make a difference. BIOP, the new brand of the BIOGEST-Group aiming to unlock the full potential of green gas, is a shareholder in this green gas project and operates the plant, including maintenance and biological services.

Metha des Bosquets Biomethane Plant

  • 140 Nm3/h (41,857 MMBTU/year)
  • Over 26,000 tons of cattle manure, slurry, and other agricultural byproducts are processed per year
  • 75% of the feedstock is supplied by 11 local farms
  • Providing green gas for France’s gas grid

Project Timeline

  • December 2021: Start of earthworks
  • 13 months of construction
  • April 2022: First gas production

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