News - June 1, 2021

BIOGEST builds two more biomethane (RNG) plants in France

BIOGEST extends its French references
400 Nm³/h and 130 Nm³/h biomethane production
Agricultural waste & by-products supplied by several chicken farmers


Change / Vienna: BIOGEST received an order to build another two biomethane (RNG) plants based on agricultural waste and by-products from chicken farmers in the western region of France. Biomethane (RNG) production from animal, agricultural and food waste is one of the most rapidly expanding sectors of renewable energy. “The worldwide growing market for biomethane highlights the importance of green gas and is the most attractive sustainable investment decision you can take now”, says Martin Schlerka, CEO and Managing Partner of BIOGEST.

The first project Enerfées is located close to Rennes, joint by the Coopérative des Fermiers de Janzé and ENGIE. This BIOGEST biomethane plant is fed with manure, slurry and agricultural by-products from approx. 50 farmers, in order to produce 400 Nm³/h biomethane. All of these farmers are producing chicken under the name “Poulets de Janzé” with the quality sign “Label rouge”. The second project Methagriloué, located near Le Mans, will be using similar feedstock. Its waste is supplied by approx. 11 farmers, all year round, to produce 130 Nm³/h biomethane. Both projects have connections to respective chicken productions known in the area and beyond.

BIOGEST’s proven biomethane plant technology offers significant advantages in energy efficiency and operational safety, as well as an easy and cost-efficient maintenance system. During the fermentation process of both projects 94,400 tonnes (in total) of waste/year are transformed into high-quality organic fertilizer that acts as a substitute for chemical products.


SAS Enerfées client reported “We chose BIOGEST for the quality of its unique and innovative technology. We appreciated the know-how of our contact person to support us during the development phase; we are confident and enthusiastic that BIOGEST will guide and support us throughout our project and beyond.”

Methagriloué client continues “We were searching for a solution that solves our waste management problem in a sustainable and profitable way. So basically, we and the surrounding chicken farms are facing daily struggles to cope with our waste. In this moment, BIOGEST stepped in and partnered with us through all stages and showed us possible investment options while focusing on our specific needs.”

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Martin Schlerka (CEO)

Gerald Bartl-Fauler (CTO)

Martin Hornhuber (COO)

BIOGEST is a pioneer brand offering full-service biomethane and biogas plant solutions worldwide and is headquartered in Vienna, Austria. After more than 30 years of experience, BIOGEST completed 160+ projects by holding an active key player role in over 20 countries. The tried and tested BIOGEST technology is created to customize green gas projects from strategic planning to co-investment, construction, operation, maintenance, and management of plants. BIOGEST engages in converting organic waste into clean and renewable energy in order to combat the rise in waste production and satisfy the growing energy demand.