News - September 1, 2021

BIOGEST enters the Greek market with two biogas plants projects

500 kW BIOGEST PowerRing® biogas plant to run with olive pomace, food & oil residues in Rhodes
1 MW BIOGEST PowerRing® biogas plant to run with manure, food by-products and silage in Thessaly
New alliance established with the local company Break Even


Athens / Vienna: BIOGEST received two orders to build its first biogas plants based on agricultural and food waste in Greece. “Greece has a huge market potential for biogas from agro-industrial residues. Moreover, we have observed an increasing pressure in some Mediterranean areas to process the residues coming from olive oil production, for which we have the capacity to offer different solutions.”, says Martin Schlerka, CEO and Managing Partner of BIOGEST.

The first project, located on the island of Rhodes, is fed with olive pomace, oil residues, food residues from hotels, and by-products from the food and beverage industry. The facility will be able to supply approx. 1,300 households with electricity each year. The second project is located in the region of Thessaly. Its’ waste is mainly supplied by local farmers keeping pigs, cows and sheep to produce 1 MW electricity, which can cover the consumption of 2,400 households each year.

Moreover, BIOGEST has entered into a new cooperation agreement with the Greek company, Break Even, for representation tasks in the Greek and Cypriot markets. The company, led by Dr. Marco Margaritis, is a reference company in the engineering and renewable sectors and is already generating significant synergies.

Following the renewable energy targets, Greece developed an ambitious energy strategy including attractive conditions for the development of biogas plants, which is well supported by its large raw material potential throughout the country. Biogest has achieved experience with similar residues coming from the Mediterranean agro-industry in the Italian biogas market, such as olive pomace, where several projects are under development and construction. The transformation of olive oil mill residues into biogas and fertilizer opens up new opportunities to provide a solution to a problematic residue while creating several products with high added value. For this purpose, the concept GREEN APP was developed as a new solution for the valorization of by-products from the olive oil industry.

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Martin Schlerka (CEO)

Gerald Bartl-Fauler (CTO)

Martin Hornhuber (COO)

BIOGEST is a pioneer brand offering full-service biomethane and biogas plant solutions worldwide and is headquartered in Vienna, Austria. After more than 30 years of experience, BIOGEST completed 160+ projects by holding an active key player role in over 20 countries. The tried and tested BIOGEST technology is created to customize green gas projects from strategic planning to co-investment, construction, operation, maintenance, and management of plants. BIOGEST engages in converting organic waste into clean and renewable energy in order to combat the rise in waste production and satisfy the growing energy demand.

Ellakmon IKE has resulted from the merger of the company Ellakmon and Break Even Consulting. The latter, counts with high scientific competence and qualified staff, as well as large experience in the preparation of technical studies in the sector of renewable energy. Ellakmon disposes over 50 years’ experience of its executives and a large track record in the Greek RES market. It has broadened its activities in the sector of waste to energy focusing on the energy production through anaerobic digestion.