News - April 15, 2020

BIOGEST expands its Asian project pipeline with its first order from Turkey

3.12 MWel biogas plant using exclusively cattle slurry


Akyurt / Vienna: BIOGEST received its first order to build an agricultural biogas plant near Ankara in Turkey. The project Akyurt is the first biogas plant in Turkey, which was developed in cooperation with Enerlinc Ltd.. After successfully entering the Asian market with an Indian and South Korean Biogest PowerCompact biogas plant, this Biogest PowerRing biogas plant is another milestone for further Asian projects. Followed by projects in the United Kingdom, France, India, South Korea, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Austria, this first Biogest biogas plant in Turkey represents an essential reference plant for further local projects.

The plant has an electrical output of 3.12 MW and is operated with cattle slurry only, using 270.000 tonnes per year. The slurry will be transformed during the production process into high quality organic fertilizer, which substitutes the use of chemical fertilizers. The biogas plant is carried out in the proven high efficiency Biogest PowerRing technology, which has advantages regarding the energy efficiency and operational safety as well as the space-saving modular design.

Increasing energy gap with growing technology and population density has risen the importance of renewable energy resources. The biogas production from animal, agricultural and domestic waste is one of the most frequently studied and researched topics in Turkey. The Turkish Law forbids spreading the fresh slurry on fields, which constitutes another incentive. The published tariff by the Renewable Energy Resources Support Mechanism (YEKDEM) is attractive until September 2020.

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Biogest is an internationally active biogas plant manufacturer and operator with its headquarters in Austria and subsidiaries in France, in the UK, US, Italy, Romania, Serbia and the Czech Republic. More than 160 biogas plant projects generating electricity or biomethane have been completed to date. Our reference plants are located in several European countries, India and South Korea. The global market is served by licenced partners.

Enerlinc, the exclusive distributor of Biogest, is one of the fastest developing energy companies in Turkey. Enerlinc is offering biogas and cogeneration plants with high availability in Turkish and Asian markets with its experienced staff and Biogest´s experience and technology.

As a renewable source of energy, biogas offers technological, ecological and economic advantages: energy can be generated 365 days a year, at all times of the day and night, and therefore biogas plays an important role in the mix of renewable energy from water, sun and wind. In addition to helping achieve climate protection goals, biogas also helps reduce reliance on energy imports. Decentralised energy generation also guarantees sustainable local development.