News - March 28, 2022

BIOGEST wins Silver at the US-A-BIZ AWARD 2022

Austrian Trade Commission Los Angeles awards US-A-BIZ AWARD
Ranked in prize category “GROWTH”
Gala award ceremony in Santa Monica, California 

Los Angeles / Vienna: The Austrian Trade Commission awarded BIOGEST, the leader in biogas / renewable natural gas technology, the second prize in the category “GROWTH” at a festive gala award ceremony in Santa Monica. The jury granted top-performing Austrian companies on the US market the so-called “WirtschaftsOskar” in four different categories. “Receiving this great award makes me and the whole BIOGEST organization very proud and recognizes the outstanding achievements of our team in greening the gas and, last but not least, our rapidly growing business in the US.”, says Martin Schlerka, CEO and Managing Partner of BIOGEST.

The BIZ-Award aims to bring something special and innovative onto the red carpet and into the media limelight. In the US - the largest and most competitive market in the world - innovation, marketing, strategy, networking, and responsiveness are key. “US customers appreciate all the benefits working with BIOGEST brings to the table: Top project management, delivering quality in time and compelling RNG technology providing the biggest bang for your waste.”, says Gregor Vogrin, CFO of BIOGEST America.

BIOGEST has entered the US market in 2017 and has since then successfully grown the market with commissioned projects and a vast project pipeline for future Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) plants throughout the United States and Canada. The US market is driven by a RNG favorable regulatory framework, substantial methane and carbon reduction program (Low Carbon Fuel Standard / Renewable Fuel Standard), and the large availability of feedstock such as agricultural and food waste. According to recent forecasts of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), RNG is likely to show a steep increase in the next 5-10 years.


RNG is the only renewable energy source that can be carbon-negative, as it significantly reduces methane emissions from agricultural operations. BIOGEST’s RNG plants produce not only pipeline quality green gas but also an organic fertilizer that helps to lower the use of chemical fertilizers in agriculture.

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Martin Schlerka (CEO)

Gerald Bartl-Fauler (CTO)

Martin Hornhuber (COO)

BIOGEST is a pioneer brand offering full-service biomethane (RNG) and biogas plant solutions worldwide and is headquartered in Vienna, Austria. With more than 30 years in the business, BIOGEST has built 170+ projects in over 20 countries. The tried and tested BIOGEST technology is created to customize green gas projects from strategic planning to co-investment, construction, operation, maintenance, and management of plants. BIOGEST engages in converting organic waste into clean and renewable energy to combat the rise in waste produced and satisfy the growing energy demand.